Where can I get food?

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7am -8pm and the bar is open from 11am until you want to stop!  We have a full western menu and Indonesian dishes available. We also have a full vegeterian and vegan range of meals available.  There is also plenty of food options in town, go check them out!

Can we change money in West Sumbawa?

YES!  You can change money in the town of MALUK through the bank. The exchange rate may not be as high as some money exchanges in BALI, however it is still pretty good. Currently there are a few ATM’s in Maluk and surrounding towns so getting money isn’t a problem.


ALL ACCOMODATION bills must be paid UPFRONT. If you order from our resturant or bar you MUST PAY UPFRONT, otherwise the staff will not cook or serve alcohol. ALL prices when using local services should be agreed upon before using them. We suggest bringing cash and a VISA or MASTERCARD just in case. Here at Dreamtime Sumbawa you can pay with VISA or MASTERCARD no problem.

Are the waves beginners can surf?

We have everything from reef breaks to beachies in the area, there are a few small wave spots that they can hook into. Directly in front of us when the swell is small is also very accommodating towards more nervous surfers.

How do you exactly get to DreamTime Sumbawa?

Check out our “how to get here page”

Do we just have to surf the wave out the front?

There are 3 waves out the front but you’re not restricted to surf these waves. There are other waves around and are always worth a look!

Do you have WiFi?

YES!!! We are proud to say we have the best wifi (fibre optic) in West Sumbawa, all our guests are stoked and I stream Game of Thrones all the time.

How can we get around?

When at Dream Time Sumbawa we can assist you with cars/motorbike/boats hire once you are here. Motorbikes are a nice way to get around town or to surf spots, taking a car for longer journeys is nice and taking a boat to uncrowded spots is a favourite of ours!

How many people can stay at the homestay?

We can handle up to 25 guests at a time (it happens), the homestay turns into a hive of activity and stories of the day are at an all time high!

What should I bring?

A decent 1st aid kit, mozzie repellent, iPod, books, swimming gear, long sleeve shirt & long pants, sun protection, phone chargers, power adaptor (local power is through round 2 pin style sockets). An adventurous & relaxed attitude so you get the most out of your stay with us.

How do I book?

There are a few ways to making a booking at DreamTime Sumbawa Surf Camp! These include:

EMAIL:  dreamtimesumbawa@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamtimesumbawa

Instagram: @dreamtimesumbawa

Booking.com: https://www.booking.com/hotel/id/dreamtime-sumbawa.en-gb.html

The Facebook option can allow real time chat with management in West Sumbawa to connect and reserve a place.

What about Visa’s?

With minimum 6 months validity on your passport, most nationalities are issued with a US$35, 30-day visa on arrival. Alternatively a 60-day tourist visa can be applied for before arriving in Indonesia. Please check with your closest Indonesian embassy/consulate. Ensure your flight out of Indonesia leaves before your visa ends; your arrival date is classed as your first day regardless of the time of day or night you arrive.

What about Alcohol?

At Dream Time Sumbawa Surf Camp you are free to drink. We have all the Alcohol you can drink! Although drinking in public is somewhat frowned upon in the local village. So drinking in the bar or on the beach is problem, but drinking on the street isnt cool.

What about Malaria?

While we wouldn’t say there is no malaria it isn’t something to worry about if you take the right precautions. Cover up at dusk n dawn, wear repellent and use the mosquito nets provided with each bed. We advise you to consult with your doctor as to what medications you will need for your holiday in Indonesia.

Any medical facilities?

Local doctors are available and major hospitals are close as there is the second largest gold mine in the world just near by. A well equipped first aid kit is essential out here and we cant stress enough ‘TRAVEL INSURANCE INCLUDING MEDIVAC IS ESSENTIAL FOR TRAVELING IN INDONESIA’ we can help you out but wont assume any responsibility should you get into trouble.

What about the crowds?

In the peak season (May-September) it does get a little crowded but if you are up for an adventure we can find uncrowded waves. The wetseason (October –April) is our favourite time of year for minimal crowd numbers and wave quality.

What about Mobiles & Internet?

Mobile phones with global roaming will work here. You can buy local sim card packages to call or text cheaply. We have found Internet equipped mobiles, iPhones, blackberry’s, iPad’s etc. work well with the new 4G reception.

When to come?

The main surf season runs from May till September, the “dry” season. This fits in with the trade winds which blow offshore this time of year. The “wet” season, October until April, still provide periods of offshore conditions & minimal crowds. Yeah, sometimes it rains and gets windy but those days are very few here in West Sumbawa. Your reward for putting up with a few rainy days here and there is to surf epic waves.

Who are we?

Dream Time Sumbawa Surf Camp is 100% Indonesian owned by Ni Komang Sri Rahayu Lestari. We are fully licensed & employ only local staff to help us. Sri is at the helm here co-ordinating staff and the homestay . Along with her staff, Sri handles all the behind the scenes hard stuff, so you can sit back & enjoy a relaxing holiday.